Benefits and Considerations for Choosing Open Carrier Transport

Open-carrier auto transport is a commonly used way of transporting vehicles in large numbers from one to another city or state. In this method, vehicles are transported on an open car carrier, stacked in rows and columns in an organized manner. As it is an affordable way of shipping vehicles, it is more available than enclosed car carriers. It is highly useful for those who want to transfer ordinary cars at affordable prices.

When you choose for door to door delivery and open carrier auto transport, the driver will come to your specified location as safely and legally possible. If there are restriction for entry of a trucker, person releasing the vehicle have to meet the trucker at nearby location for safe loading/unloading. The driver performs inspections and make an inspection report and leave a copy with both parties. Most companies also provide minimum insurance coverage for auto shipping from California to South Dakota or any other destination to cover any accidental damage during the transit. There are typically three kinds of open car trailers:

Single-vehicle dually truck: In this method, only one car is shipped and it is transported with help of a tow trailer. It is typically used for shipping vehicles at short distance.

One level multi-car truck: These trailers are used for shipping several car altogether. It is typically used for shipping luxury cars, classic cars and sports vehicles.

Two level multi-car carrier: It is a commonly used open car shipping method for auto shipping from California to South Dakota and all other destinations. It is generally used for both short and long distance shipping requirements and is capable of transporting up to ten vehicles at a time.


  • Open carrier auto transport is usually chosen for being the most cost effective way of transporting your vehicles from one to another place. It is more economical than enclosed transport and it is popularly used by the people to move their vehicles from one to another place.
  • It suits all types of vehicle irrespective of its height and size. These vehicles are easy to maintain and are easily accessible to customers


  • As your car is under open sky, it will be under risk of being exposed to natural road elements like debris and dust.
  • In case of open auto transport model, the insurance policy does not cover damages caused due to road hazards.

It is always advisable to book a service for auto shipping a few weeks in advance and not wait up to the last minute. In order to choose from open auto transport and enclosed auto transport models, you need to consider various factors such as cost, safety requirements, type of vehicles and budget. One must discuss with auto transportation experts about their needs and budget to pick the right method to fulfil their needs.