Factors That Will Help When You Both Pregnant And Unemployed

Knowing that you will soon be having a baby is the greatest news a woman could get, just watching the baby crawling or trying to talk makes one happy. When giving birth in a hospital or even buying the baby’s essentials is very expensive, and it is much more expensive if you are unemployed. Options are available to help you out.

People are helped out in paying their medical through a government program called Medicaid which is derived from the word medicine.Being pregnant and unemployed gives you a higher chance to be aided by the Medicaid overview, but eligibility varies in different states. If you are categorized as a needy person then you must have a medical condition, your income is low, or you low on resources since pregnancy is considered as a medical condition and you being unemployed means your resource is low then it means you more eligible for the Medicaid program.

The another category is the medically needy where if your income is lower than the income cap of Medicaid and you have a medical condition then you eligible for the program, and since pregnancy is seen as a medical condition and your income is low since you are unemployed then you are eligible for the program. Ensure you can prove you pregnant, income is low and that you are a citizen when applying for the program.
For you to eligible for unemployment benefit you have to have lost your job and not on your fault or the company closed but if you were fired or quit voluntarily then you not eligible. Other government programs help out the needy by giving them a loaded card which helps you to buy groceries in selected stores, the money on the card varies depending on your living state.
Other programs are specifically created to help the pregnant mothers or mothers with children under the age of five, for you to be eligible you have to prove that your income is low or the mother or child has a nutritional condition. The eligibility for an unemployed pregnant woman to file for disability benefits is higher this solely depends on the state, the benefits lasts when you pregnant and a few months after you give birth.

After getting aid from the government aid you may get more assistance from maternity grants where most healthcare providers helps to connect you with the grants and organization. Some churches and non-profit organization do help the pregnant and unemployed whereby they may provide food banks, free health clinics or emergency housing, others do help in paying financial bills. When checking for income worthiness they do not only check yours but for your family members, and if you are living with a partner their income will also be checked.