The Best Way to Respect Nature when Camping

Camping is the act of staying in the wilderness overnight, for one or a few days. It is a fun-filled activity that people engage in. It brings people closer to nature.

There is usually a lot of human interference to the balance of nature when people are out camping, most of it not positive. Some will find an excuse to cut a tree, or leave trash all over the place.

The care you show for the environment goes a long way in improving it. You can do certain things to help this process along.

At some point, you will need to go for a call of nature. You therefore need a safe and hygienic way to go without spoiling the same environment you rely for survival.

Most of the regular campsites have toilets erected for this purpose. This makes it easy for those present there to go. If you are in a more remote area, you may need to improvise. You need toilet paper and a spot located furthest from any water body. Dig a hole, take care of the call, then cover the hole properly with the dug dirt. Put the used toilet paper in a polythene bag you brought along, for disposal in an appropriate receptacle later.

There are always bugs in the camping areas. You are advised to carry a bug spray, but only one that is non-toxic. Toxic ones will poison the water, air, and harm the animals there, even you.

Apart from the tent that you shall go back with when you leave, you also need to bring along other items such as utensils which you can use and wash then carry back home. There are scouting time lessons that shall come in handy then. Use the Woven Label HK to ensure your equipment is well marked.

For washing up, have a small portable basin with biodegradable soap. You also need a breathable bag for storing napkins you won’t be recycling. Have also cutlery and cooking implements you can keep reusing along the trip.

The decisions to go green is for the betterment of the environment, without eliminating your ability to enjoy yourself. You will have a positive impact on the environment, or not affect it too much, at least.

Take nothing away from the trip but happy memories. Whether you were there for recreation or scouting purposes, it should not be glaringly apparent that people made their way through nature and left in their wake destruction.

Do not set fires, chop trees or clear the vegetation. Do not move the boulders or dirty the water. Respect the environment.

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