Understanding Why Foam Spray Insulation Is Safe and Cost-Effective

Never feel intimidated by the commitments and the cost of using spray foam in your house. Instead of being intimidated by just cost and commitments, first understand numerous benefits that spray foam insulation can bring both to your house and family, and you will make your judgment fairly. In actuality, you will come to know that spray foam insulation is far much better than other types of insulations and by very big percentage. This piece will look at various ways that foam insulation can benefit your house and also save you several dollars.

Start by having basics about spray foam insulation. This insulation is made from two composite materials, isocyanate and polyurethane. There is a reaction between polyurethane and isocyanate when they are combined; this reactions expands and hardens the combined substance. Both polyurethane and isocyanate are simultaneously sprayed from the tip of the spray foam. They react forming, expand and form a protective layer of foam insulation over the sprayed area. It is also worth knowing that there are two types of spray foam insulation- that is the open cell and closed cell spray installation. The open cell type is denser than the closed cell and has a spongy touch. This essentially suggest that the open cell spray foam has a dampening effect. Each of the spray foam types has its advantages and here the pros of closed foam insulation.

Closed-cell spray foam insulation is a very powerful insulator. Because it is very expansive, this spray foam seals all nooks and crannies very tightly. This insulation also has the highest rank in the market-R6, meaning that it has a superb ability to offer air-tight seal.

This method of insulation has incredible energy savings. This is because it is very good in insulation. This is the reason why very many families and businesses who use this insulation recommend it due to its high efficiency. Spray foam insulation has proved to save around 50{4be6cdb776358918d1b957292c4ee44774ecb3aae5169b1e0356bc52aeedbe56} on energy savings unlike other insulation types whose average savings rate at around 30{4be6cdb776358918d1b957292c4ee44774ecb3aae5169b1e0356bc52aeedbe56}.

Air leaks are one of the main reasons for high cost of the energy bill. Spray foam stands out because thoroughly seals all cracks and holes of your attic thoroughly. It also creates a very effective moisture barrier because it is impermeable to water. This essentially mean apart from the spray foam protecting your crawl space and attic from leaks and airborne moisture, it cannot also absorb water in case flooding occur. The inert polymer suffocates any attempt of mold or mildew to grow to thrive in the insulation layer because it provides no food source to the bacteria. Conclusively, spray foam layer is long lasting-it can serve you for very many years.

How to Achieve Maximum Success with Insulation

How I Achieved Maximum Success with Insulation