Should You Ship Your Car to a New Location or Drive

Millions of people across the country are packing up their bags every year and moving to a new location. Often, this new location is several hundred to thousands of miles away. Those same people are very excited about their relocation and eager to begin the journey. However, they face a few dilemmas concerning driving or simply shipping their vehicle to their new location. Certainly, shipping or driving has various pro and con reasons to consider. Deciding which is better to get your vehicle across the country is an important decision. A site like provides interesting quotes about direct auto shipping. Compare this to driving.

Consider the Time Involved

Are you part of an older couple that recently retired? Perhaps, you have more time to take a leisurely drive across the country than a younger couple or single person that is worried about arriving on a schedule to start their new job in this new location. The fact is that a road trip across the country might take you several days to complete. This should include various stops to rest and sleep overnight. Do you and your spouse or partner have time to really drive across country and then arrive at your new location and set up your new home? If not, consider shipping your car to your new location and flying to your new location. It’s a much simpler process and easier on your nerves.

Consider the Distance

Next, is the distance. The distance will dramatically affect your decision to ship vs drive. First, get a good and accurate idea of the distance to your new locations. Check for road detours, traffic, and the type of land that your route is on. Take all this important information to estimate the wear on your car, the fuel required, toll required, and the amount of cash required for rest stops or overnight sleeping at motels. This should give you a good estimate of the total cash required to drive across the country. Measure this against the cost to ship your car to the new location, before making a final decision.

The Safety Factor

The fact is that driving several hundred miles or more across country places a great amount of strain on your vehicle. Perhaps, your car is in great condition and could withstand the wear and tear on the tires and the body of the vehicle. Still, your total security is an issue here. You might become involved with road trouble, your vehicle could break down, traffic jams, and other threats to your vehicle or personal safety could occur on the road. Such hazards could ultimately affect your safety and cost you money, while shipping directly to the new location minimizes those threats.

Selecting an Auto Shipping Company

Finally, you’ve made the decision to ship your vehicle to the new location. The next step is to estimate the cost to ship your vehicle to the new location. Fortunately, there are a wide assortment of companies that ship vehicles across country. Select one with a good reputation and don’t forget to insure your vehicle.