Supplemnts you need to be taking as a Triathlete

Triathlon is an all rounded sport, by the time you cross the finish line you will have pushed your body to the limit for sure. A person taking triathlon needs to ensure that they are doing all the is needed to be in the best of shape before taking on the next challenge. Apart from toning your muscles working on your breathing and monitoring your heart rate, you have to keep a close eye on your nutrition. The basic of keeping your body right will be taking fruits, vegetables, water to stay hydrated and having enough rests but even with all that plan for supplements to give your body all that it requires. There is a lot of benefits that come when you stick to a supplement plans. However, there are supplement as a person doing triathlon is very important. The modern day farming has a lot of chemicals involved, the chemicals rob the soil of the essential nutrients that get passed to the plants which we then take , you need n supplements to have those nutrients that are insufficient in tour diet.

In the process of growing old, you are absorbing less nutrients compared to a young age where you have accelerated bone and muscle growth. When you are taking the needed supplements, it means that your nutrient absorption is right. If you amedication, edication, you also need to be conscious on why you need supplements more , some medication’s side effects is interfering with how nutrients are absorbed in your body. When you are in triathlon, your level of activity is more than that of an average athlete, more activity means your body needs more energy hence the need to have supplement on a regular.

The Vitamin B6 and B12 supplements are essential for a triathlete, while B6 helps with breaking down food , B12 will help with curbing fatigue and in creation of RNA and DNA. Omega-3 fatty acids make a great supplement especially if fish is not your favorite, with that supplement you don’t have to worry about inflammation on the body, depression, and anxiety and overly sore muscles and joints. You also need to consider vitamin C as a vital supplement because of its immune strengthening properties, it helps in protecting against high blood pressure which can be very serious for athletes. If you are suffering from anemia, it can be difficult for you to cover triathlon events because you will go into fatigue easily. Iron supplement will help fix that as a triathlete, the red blood cells production .will be improved and that serves to improve oxygen circulation in the body which is good for you when you are hyperactive.