Benefits of Self Defense Classes, Muay Thai

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the various advantages and benefits of muay thai which is a self-defense sport or activity. The muay thai self-defense sport is one of the sports that is becoming more popular by the day and the reason is it is able to assist individuals to increase their rate of metabolism and also have a good immune system and this means that individuals are able to avoid certain diseases as they have a strong metabolism and it also enables them to be able to have a lean body since they are able to burn off most of the fats in their body. The muay thai is a sport that requires constant and regular training sessions and for this reason, an individual is supposed to build his body to have flexible muscles and also to be able to increase the stamina of their body which enables them to have good shape and become more stronger and more resilient.

Constant practicing of the muay thai sport results to an individual to be able to have a higher rate of mind and body coordination and this results from the way the individual is constantly responding to the sparks and the attacks that come from the opponent and this leads to the mind and body to be able to coordinate at a faster and quicker way in terms of response. Muay thai which is a self-defense practice leads to mind alertness since an individual is supposed to come up with strategic ways on how to respond to the various kicks and attacks that the opponent is bringing to him and therefore you have to think fast on a quick reaction that will enable you to be able to defend yourself and not get hurt and from this it creates a high rate of critical thinking.

Muay thai is one of the sports where individuals are able to get the value of sportsmanship and also self-discipline and this leads to individuals learning how to control themselves and also be able to respect their opponent. The muay thai is also a social based sport whereby individuals are able to make new friends and increase their base of friends and by doing this they are also able to boost their self-esteem and also self-confidence and therefore other than self-defense individuals are also able to socialize. To conclude we can say that the muay thai is one of the sports that individuals are able to be mentally and physically upright and this leads to an individual having a physically fit body and also a higher sense of cognitive response. In this chapter, we have been able to look at the various benefits of the muay thai self-defense sport.

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